When and where baptisms take place

Baptisms usually take place at St. John’s on Sunday, either during the main service at 10.00 a.m. or later at 12 noon as a separate service. People are normally baptised in their own parish church. It is possible for people to be baptised in St. John’s even if they live in another parish if there is a good reason for this. In this case the permission of their own parish has to be sought.

Arranging a baptism

Baptisms can be arranged very easily and quickly by contacting the vicar or parish office. Normally at least three weeks’ notice is needed and a form needs to be filled in. There is no set fee for a baptism but many people like to give a donation to support the work of St John’s.

Who may be baptised?

There is no age limit for baptism; babies, young children or adults of any age are welcome. There are some slight differences in the service depending on the age of the candidate and our vicar can explain these differences.

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