The Common Cup – an extract from Bishop Michael’s letter to all clergy.

An extract from Bishop Michael’s Ad Clerum (letter to all clergy).

The Common Cup.

I am glad to report that the latest studies I’ve read on the risk of COVID
transmission presented by the Common Cup show that this is minimal. (In a nutshell, COVID
is transmitted by being breathed into your respiratory tract, not ingested into your stomach).
While I hope this will give confidence towards the general use of the Common Cup, I realise
that for many this still remains a big conceptual leap to make. Where that is the case, please
do encourage those worried to receive in one kind only and assure them that this is completely
valid. The practice that should not be used is that of communicants intincting their own
wafer for themselves. Our fingers contain many, many more germs than is ever found in our
saliva imbued as it is with antiseptic properties.
Therefore, I ask that individual dipping should not happen

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