St John’s Friendship Group



At our July meeting, members met to discuss whether to:

  1. Continue as a Mothers Union Group
  2. Continue outside of the Mother Union under a new name
  3. To disband.


The meeting opened with prayers.

The  group consists of 9 members, having welcomed Mrs Janet Winter recently.

After  a  discussion,  with  everyone offering their thoughts and feelings, a vote was taken.

The outcome was 8 votes to 1 to cease being a Mothers Union Group.

9 votes were cast to continue with a monthly meeting under a new title.

After a discussion with Father Guy, he gave the group his blessing to continue in its new capacity.


The  group  is  to be named “St Johns Friendship Group”.  It will continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2:30pm in the Church Hall and will follow its present programme until the New Year.  Membership is £5 a year, from September.


SEPTEMBER’S MEETING – 12 noon Eucharist in Church

This will be followed by lunch at Wetherspoons in the town.


OCTOBER MEETING – Father Guy will be speaking on a subject of his choice.


It would be truly wonderful if any male or female would like to come along and together, share these activities.

Remember, this is a new adventure for all of us!


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